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The Next LIVE S.H.E. Course Begins:

Thursday, May 31st, 2018


"Before S.H.E., I was never fully aware and conscious of the things God was doing in my life. There was so much pain and clutter wrapped up and stored away in my body. My understanding of the meditation changed during the S.H.E. program and I developed a deeper understanding of why meditation is needed on a daily basis. It became very important to me to reach out to God and to hear His voice. A turning point for me in the course was the beginning of writing my Manifestation letter, which allowed me to dig deep and also declare God's blessings in my life. My eyes became open to all that is made available to me through God's promises. This program takes you through the necessary channels to align you with God's purpose in your life. I didn't know what to expect in the beginning, however, I am truly grateful to have beena part of an amazing experience at the perfect time in my life. Honestly, the S.H.E. program was an excellent program and I would recommend that every woman I know sign up. Now that the course if over, I am ready to sign up again!" 

- M. Hester, Dallas, TX

S.H.E. Course Overview

Welcome to SHE – a three month Spiritual Healing and Elevation course that was given to me as a gift from God during my personal healing and elevation process, to share with you…a gift designed to help you live your BEST BeautifulWildFree life!  

You may be thinking…“Do I need Spiritual Healing and Elevation?”  

Read the statements below and determine if you identify with any of them:  

- You’ve been feeling separated from God or feel like God is distant - You feel “stuck” in your spiritual walk - You don’t feel like you’re living your best life - You feel an internal “PUSH” to achieve a higher level of peace, success and calm - You want to get solid on what you want from this life, discover your deepest desires and manifest them in this physical realm - You want to flow easier with people in your life and naturally attract positive people - You want greater emotional stability and the ability to be grounded when faced with challenges - You want to go DEEPER in your spiritual experience with God - You’re looking for ease throughout your day and the ability to flow from moment to moment  


Erin Marie Waller, MBA

CEO & Founder | @bwfwoman

"I've noticed the change within me. I just have been much freer with my emotions, and I feel like each week of lessons have been a special message for me - I've felt in tune, I've been sharing, it's been very exciting! This past week, I've been more focused on the words I professed out loud, especially with my Manifestation letter. I've been able to live in each moment, and feel what's happening in that moment, which is not something I would have typically done before. It has been eye-opening for me, and I like being able to say who I am and what I stand for. My husband is so excited about my S.H.E. process, he even asked if there's a H.E. process!" 

- T. Darrington, Lakeland, FL

"It was funny to me how everything came together from our lessons for me, with my boyfriend. I used to like to do a lot of the doing and controlling and not really letting him be a man - he used to be so frustrated with me doing everything - and without him even knowing about our lessons and what I've implemented as a result of the course, he brought up to me how he saw me spiritually now. He told me he saw me as a radiant woman, full of joy, and it started convicting him in different ways and even brought him closer to God...I am so thankful ot God that He used me in that way, by me being more conscious about the feminine qualities of radiance. I can see such a big difference in me and in him as well. I see with clarity now!"

- B. Mosely, Dallas, TX

SHE explores a divinely-inspired Spiritual Healing And Elevation process with topics including: 

  • How to revive your own deep relationship with our Creator, becoming more aware of His VERY real presence in your daily decisions 
  • Developing your own Love-Encounter with God and how to hear His voice 
  • How to unleash the creative power God has given you so that you can start manifesting effortlessly and powerfully according to your spiritual alignment 
  • How to hone your Feminine Radiance in ways that bring joy and light to the men in your life, attracting them to you 
  • Ways to hear directly from the Holy Spirit so that you always are aware of the answers you’ve been given 
  • How to tap into the power of receiving, so that you can experience the FULLness of your destiny 
  • Understand the pathway that leads to Trust, which is essential to walking confidently through the necessary unknown to reach your destiny – yes, it is necessary to know how to deal successfully with the unknown in order to have what you need 
  • Release baggage through transition in a powerful Forgiveness Process, clearing and lightening your spirit for easier flow 
  • Getting freer than you’ve ever been by gaining a real appreciation for the present and learning to live an uninhibited reality every day!

Join Us Live! Participation is available on a limited basis and is by application only.